Welcome to EatClean!

Welcome to EatClean!Welcome to EatClean!Welcome to EatClean!

Healthy Eating Made Easy

your healthy food truck option

Fresh and nutritious vegetables

We select and expertly prepare only the freshest vegetables for your dishes.  Plan on seeing staple items like broccoli, onion, and peppers, with special appearances from some seasonal favorites like sweet potato, squash and cabbage just to name a few.

Lean Proteins

Choose your favorite lean protein from steak, chicken or shrimp.  We also offer meat free bowls by loading you up on extra veggies or plant based proteins.

Healthful carbohydrates

Whether you want a protein bowl with a base of quinoa, power bowl  on brown rice or lean bowl on a bed of mixed greens, you can't go wrong with any of our delicious creations.

Prepared before your eyes

Our skilled chefs bring all those flavors together right before your eyes as we saute your meal with ginger garlic in 100% avocado oil and top it off with your choice of one of our signature sauces.  Hot, fresh and healthy in a flash.